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Safe Brands. We sell primarily American Security safes. While we can source any brand of safe you need, we believe American Security safes offer the best combination of quality, price, features, and support. Many of their safes are made in America and they provide the best warranty available.

Safe Types. We specialize in commercial quality safes designed to meet the strictest standards. Our offerings include High Security TL rated safes, burglary safes, fire safes, and safes rated for protection against both theft and fire.

Safe Services. We perform a full range of safe services including delivery, installation, maintenance, repair, anchoring, opening, and combination changes. Our safe professionals will deliver and install your safe anywhere within 50 miles of Houston, Texas. For those outside our service area, we’ll arrange for delivery to your designated location.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call or come by the store and we’ll help find the perfect fit for your business needs.

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Office and Home Safes

Office and Home Safes

Every day companies deal with important documents, irreplaceable data, hard drives, thumb drives, laptops, phones and/or cash. These items must be secured from unauthorized use and protected against burglary and fire. 


We have a large selection of safes to choose from to protect your valuable business assets from both fire and theft.

Contact us for more information about office safes.





Cash Management Safes
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Cash Management Safes

Cash Management safes do more than protect your business assets. They are an essential part of your businesses' daily operation.


From cash drop and deposit safes to comprehensive money management with audit capability, we have the right business safe for you.

Contact us for more information about cash management  safes.

High Security Safes

High Security Safes

TL rated safes are the ultimate in high security. TL rated safes are built to stand up to any type of attack. It's the highest level of protection you can find in a safe.

When securing large amounts of cash, jewelry, gold, or other high-value items, a TL rated safe can insure up to 1/2 million dollars in assets, more if used for commercial purposes.

Contact us for more information about high security  safes.



Pharmeceutical Safes


Pharmaceutical Safes

Our pharmacy safes are made to meet specifications set by local, state, and federal agencies for the handling of prescription drugs.​

Elegant and functional in design, these safes come in various sizes. They meet the exacting standards of pharmacies, schools, hospitals, EMS, and Fire Departments.

Contact us for more information about pharmaceutical  safes.

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